Thursday, February 17, 2011

Vacation Rentals in Outer Banks of North Carolina, Affordable

Vacation rentals have held up on the Outer Banks.  Rental income has increased in the past several years in spite of our tough economy.  why?  Partly because the Outer Banks is a drive to beach accessible from all areas of the east coast and the Carolina's with a nice easy drive.  This makes it affordable..  Also, the more popular vacation homes are at least 8 bedrooms and can comfortably handle 20 guests.  They are equipped with private pools hot tubs and gourmet kitchens with the equipment to cook big meals saving money from having to go out to eat for every meal.
Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter are perfect times to gather with your families and enjoy the area where there are shopping outlets and just relaxing by an ocean front fireplace.
Planning a wedding.  The beach is known for weddings and there are services that can accomodate your needs.

This and much more makes for a great memorable vacation or event for you and your family. Interesting?
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OBX North Carolina

Did you know that when you purchase a vacation home in the early spring that you get all the income from the summer at the closing table.  This makes the sale very attractive.

There are great deals on the beach and good properties getting lots of activity.  Need to sell or looking to buy?
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