Monday, April 26, 2010

Short Sales in Hampton Roads

Lets talk about Short Sales. "Short sale" is a term used to describe a property that has a mortgage balance HIGHER than the market price or sales price.
If you are in this situation and want or need to sell your property, you still can. I know you are thinking that you can't afford to come to the closing table with cash and in some cases hundreds of thousands of dollars to close. So, what are your options.

Short sales take some time and expertise. My goal as an listing agent for you is to keep the bank from foreclosing on your property. It starts with a consultation to determine how much relief you need then determining how we can convince your mortgage company that you are entitle to the relief of the difference of your mortgage and the offer we submit to them. These deals are each unique and require an experienced agent to work through the requirements to get a positive end result.

Are you in this boat? Need to sell? Have to move? Purchased in 2005 with 100% mortgage and now owe more than we can sell your property for in 2010? Call me. I have answers, resources and know how to get these properties sold and help you move on.

A consultation is free. 757-816-7000 Christine Parrish

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